Dr Alfred and Isabel Bader Prize - history

October 2012
From the editors:

We are pleased to announce that this year's volume of Simiolus is the first to feature an article that was awarded the Bader Prize, and want to express our heartfelt thanks to Alfred and Isabel Bader for making this possible. We also wish to thank all the authors who sent us their manuscripts to compete for the award, and are pleased to congratulate Ed Wouk from London with winning it. We are looking forward to receive the manuscripts for the next Bader Prize before 15 June 2013, and promise to publish the winning contribution in Simiolus 37.


April 2011
From the editors:

Thanks to a gift from Dr Alfred and Isabel Bader we would like to announce the institution of an annual prize of €1,000 for the best original contribution on European art prior to 1950 written by an art historian younger than 35 at the time of submission. Entries for the first prize, with a maximum length of 20,000 words (including notes), can be submitted in English, Dutch, French or German. The editors will bear the costs of translation if necessary, and publish the article in Simiolus.


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