From the editors


After the delightful and humbling surprise of the special issue that my fellow editors presented to me in the Mauritshuis on 17 June, I am indeed back in office to work on Simiolus, as they had predicted. In fact, we are all back, and there are even more of us now. For Simiolus has seized the occasion of Bart Cornelis leaving The Burlington Magazine to ask him to rejoin our editorial board and to take on some of the work that I usually do. The Burlington’s loss may therefore be our gain.

Apart from Bart, who is and will remain stationed in London, we have asked Ruben Suykerbuyk from Ghent to join our editorial board as well. We are very keen on having him as our Flemish connection, and hope that he will help us spot desirable copy in Flanders that we might otherwise miss. Simiolus, after all, not only tries to provide the best possible platform for contributions on the history of Dutch and Flemish art, but does so especially by giving an English voice to those of our colleagues who write in their native tongue but should be read elsewhere as well.

Now that I have been somewhat robbed of my anonymity as the author of lines like these in the editorial in the previous issue, I will for once sign these words in person and ask you all to please continue sending us your copy, to take out a subscription if you have not already done so, and to keep advertising with us, too!


Peter Hecht