Simiolus is published as a quarterly by the Stichting Nederlandse Kunsthistorische Publicaties.

Subscriptions cost € 100 a year for institutions and € 60 a year for individuals.
A reduced rate of € 30 is available for European students.
(Dutch subscribers are additionally charged 6% VAT/BTW).

Payments may be made by the following methods:

VISA or Mastercard

Mention your full name as specified on card, credit card number, expiry date, security number (last digit-group on back of card), amount to be paid, the Simiolus reference number and volume number (both mentioned on the invoice or attachment), and e-mail to:


IBAN: NL56INGB 0000 246071
Stichting Nederlandse Kunsthistorische Publicaties
Postbus 11071
1001 GB Amsterdam
The Netherlands

NB On your payment please mention your Simiolus reference number and the requested volume number.