The current issue is lovingly dedicated to the memory of long-time editor Ger Luijten (1956–2022), containing contributions by his friends about the kind of art and art history he loved. Some highlight Luijten’s crucial role for artists both past and present, such as Huigen Leeflang and Marjolein Leesberg’s chronicle of the Hollstein series, and Gijsbert van der Wal’s testimony to his importance for contemporary Dutch graphic artists. Others pick up on Luijten’s pioneering work, such as Ilja Veldman’s essay on games in northern prints, and Gregor Weber’s publication of an unknown print series after Abraham Bloemaert.

And finally, there are essays that discuss subjects that particularly interested Luijten, such as Peter Galassi’s reflections on Corot’s open-air sketches after returning from Italy, Ruben Suykerbuyk’s analysis of Jan Frans van Dael’s near-photographic depiction of his own house, Hans Luijten’s dive into the Van Gogh family correspondence, and Jeroen Stumpel’s close reading of one of Mondrian’s letters, leading him to an important new take on the painter’s theory of art and the role it played in society. This issue thus testifies to the impressive breadth of Luijten’s knowledge and interests.

Current issue

Articles in the current issue (45-1/2)

Remembering Ger Luijten (1956–2022)

Peter Hecht

“It’s all in the game”: games and gambling in early Northern art

Ilja M. Veldman

Leisure in Rome, 1629: an unknown edition of a print series after Abraham Bloemaert

Gregor J.M. Weber

Still life of a home in Paris: Jan Frans van Dael’s residence at the Feuillantines

Ruben Suykerbuyk

Corot: open-air painting after Italy

Peter Galassi

Family matters: the letters of the Van Gogh family

Hans Luijten

An essay on Mondrian’s “tragic”

Jeroen Stumpel

An art historical miracle: Hollstein’s and New Hollstein Dutch & Flemish etchings, engravings and woodcuts ca. 1450–1700

Huigen Leeflang and Marjolein Leesberg

Thinking in longer lines. Ger Luijten and contemporary Dutch prints and drawings

Gijsbert van der Wal

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