After publishing a hitherto unknown Van Eyck document in the previous issue of Simiolus, it was a great pleasure to present a paper in the current one with new information on the male model in the Arnolfini Portrait — who is definitely not Giovanni Arnolfini, but his elder nephew. Among the other papers in that issue, you will find a most interesting contribution by Frans Grijzenhout on the identity of the family in Adriaen van Ostade’s Family portrait in the Louvre, which he has recognized as the family Van den Heuvel — a well-documented family of art-loving Flemish emigrants who were also painted by Frans Hals.

Simiolus 43-4 will be at least as rich, with papers on subjects ranging from Pieter Bruegel the Elder to the early twentieth-century art trade. And if you keep writing for us and subscribing and persuading others to subscribe as well, we promise to go on contributing to the history of Netherlandish art as our journal has been doing ever since it was established in the 1960s!

Current issue

Articles in the current issue (43-3)

Finalizing the case for Giannino Arnolfini: new information about the sitter in the Arnolfini portrait and his relation to Van Eyck

Jan Verheyen

Maarten van Heemskerck’s two portraits of women spinning

Ilja M. Veldman

Adriaen van Ostade, Frans Hals, and the art-loving Van den Heuvel family

Frans Grijzenhout

Machine Art: how Domela gained ground on the American modern art circuit in 1935/36

Ankie de Jongh-Vermeulen

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