Simiolus has become a journal of record for studies in Netherlandish art. Over the past decades, we have had the privilege of publishing many of the most influential and exciting papers in the field.

We are therefore interested in all original contributions on the history of Dutch and Flemish art especially, and if accepted, offer to pay for the cost of translation into English of manuscripts submitted in Dutch, German or French.

A confident start has been made with the publication of the first issue of volume 40 (2018). It will be followed by a rich double issue on Old age creativity in the fall, containing papers by – amongst others – Jeroen Stumpel, Frits Scholten, Jonathan Bikker, Philip Sohm and Matthi Forrer. The centerpiece in the last issue of volume 40 will be an important contribution by Boudewijn Bakker on the late medieval Utrecht artist Erhard Rewich and his journey to the Holy Land.

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